10 stks/partij F693ZZ F693 ZZ 3x8x4mm Flens Lager Diepgroefkogellager Mini Kogellager Gloednieuwe

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Lager 637

Motoren 1de41qmb. 51100 51101 51102 51103 51104 51105 51106 51107 51108Aluminium lager. R188 open. 45cm x 40cm x 46cm. R410a refrigerant adapter. Foam absorptie. 608 rs. 0.1~1.0 mpa. 0840uu. Xjla250. 15cm x 13cm x 10cm (5.91in x 5.12in x 3.94in). 

Lineaire Rail 8mm

Zz 608. Lager 8mm. Eccentricity-high: 60*130*42mm. Non-toxic o-ring. Valves, cars, pumps, chemical pipes, water pipes, bearings, machinery. Wholesale mgn12h cnc. Lineaire blok 16mm. Ring springs. 1/4",3/8"ball valve. Ballscrew 12mm. 3mm staaf. Ves-50b. Wholesale and freight: 

15mm Bal

Duwkogellager size. Pixiuonline. Internal diameter (mm): 62/63/65/68/70/72/73/75/77/78mm. Sk12 sh12a sh12 12mm. Hgr15. -20 hose od size : Hk202918rs. 6.35*12.7*4.762mm. Rubber seal. 207x103x28mm. Mr85zz. Ar2000. -40 hose od size : Chrome steel. 

Bal Schroef Hiwin

Hanpose. 1e0226. Kogellager 4x12x4. Lager flens bal. Flange deep groove ball bearings. Lente compressor. 15*28*7mm. :1 set (270 pieces). Sbr20,sbr20uu. 100~1000mm. Gasklep pneumatische. Cdj2b10-50-b. Initial state: 1pieces. Pneumatic push in fittings connector. 

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There’s going to be a 10DWMD japanese social app out in summer! It’s on Line, though, Line!

They have the opening movie up at the site (see source) featuring Kakeru’s voice!

YESH it will be voiced - like BMPLT - also they will use Live2D in this game aahh xD

As for the VAs:
Ono Yuuki for Kakeru
Kakihara Tetsuya for Shiki
Toriumi Kousuke for Satoru




Umm.. excuse me?!


I may be reading this wrong, but, are they suggesting they are working on a TCC anime????? [link]


【速報!】今度のイケない契約シリーズは、恋の模様をTVで生中継!? 気になるキャラクターラフが届きました!あなたは誰と恋をする? #契約TV

Edit: The Cinderella Contract’s JP name is 王子さまとイケない契約結婚 So, then yes, that is what this tweet is suggesting. I am running around my apartment screaming.

……. !!!


DAMN YOU officialvoltageotome SUPER SALE;;;;;;;

some of these weren’t even on sale…….. oops ₍₍ ᕕ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )ᕗ⁾⁾

P.S. I had no tickets till today FYI

I already had tons of routes and stories to play before this too………………….. WHAT A TIME TO BE AN OTOME FANGIRL;;;

Most of these are purchases of my biases or routes I need to try in the newer apps, since I haven’t purchased anything since the hiatus started several months ago. Good thing plenty of these are short stories… with a fair share of full routes/sequels mixed in as well, but full routes/sequels take me about 4hrs straight (I play in one sitting because I lose track of time and need to know what happens, daily social app versions kill me slowly because of this) I also already spent about 75% of those tickets on more bias stories in the Cafe app;;;; LOL SO MANY THINGS I NEED TO PLAY BUT THE WEEKEND IS PRACTICALLY OVER, HERE IN JAPAN;;;

Can you tell who my biases are??? OTL;;;;

Hiatus still in effect but, HELLO!

Hello followers! Pretty long hiatus, I know, but it was indeed necessary……… particularly my wallet;;;; But I’ve moved to my new place, started my new job position (I now work fulltime), and got A DOG! Life is good, though the money situation has been rough due to a plethora of reasons. NONE OF WHICH WERE OTOME RELATED…. dammit. //cries//

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Anonymous asked: Hello, I have some silly, newbie questions that I'm kinda confused about and I can't really find an answer for them. Are all Otome Drama CD based on a game? Or can there be an original story Otome Drama CD (one that isn't based on a game.) For example, would those dating/boyfriend/pet series where there are many males character for you to listen to/choose from be considered an Otome type even though I don't think it's based on a game? (Would you label those as Otome Drama CD or just Drama CD?)

Hello Anon! Otome drama CDs in general are either an original storyline or connected to a game/novel. Popular games looking to lure in new players/fans will release drama CDs in hopes of at least catching a listener’s interest into the game or to enhance the enjoyment of present gamers.

From there the CD storyline format depends on the individual release. Sometimes there will be a large cast of characters/seiyuus interacting with you/ MC or it may be a single character. It really depends on the individual release. For example, one series “Wasurenagusa” has released 3 different series. Each of the series’ CDs is one character only, but there are tokuten (freebie) CDs where if you purchase the entire series from a participating store you’ll get a CD with the full cast interacting together at once (or each track is a particular character only). There’s no set rule in how the CDs are formated so it’s best to look at each individual release to know for sure.

I label them otome drama CDs because it’s how I distinguish them from typical drama CDs in my head. If they’re part of the otome category then I attach “otome” to the “drama CD” out of personal habit, though there’s no real distinguishment between them. Websites in Japanese typically refer to them purely as “drama CDs”. I hope this helps!

Anonymous asked: I was wondering, how much of a difference are the prices (without shipping) of Otome Cds/Drama Cds when buying in stores in Japan versus buying from online stores? (like from cdjapan, yesasia, amazon japan, etc.) I'm just curious whether the prices on those websites are marked up or not since it's online and they are mostly selling to oversea customers. I want to start collecting them but some are so pricey hehe so I was wondering whether this is the usual price even in Japan.

Hey there Anon! The prices on CDs do not typically change depending on online or in-store sales, although each individual retailer is different and has their own rules. Some stores may be marked higher due to their particular tokuten (freebie item) attached or may be lower to outsell their competitors. I’ve seen some particular CDs sell for quite a bit more on AmazonJP because they’re being sold by individuals rather than through the warehouse (so they can markup prices).

Online you have to consider what each retailer’s individual shipping options are. Some charge a flat rate regardless of how much you buy, others are free over a certain amount spent, and again some depend on the individual amount/weight of your purchases. For me the largest factor in a purchase is the tokuten item that comes with it. If there are no particular store attached tokuten items then I’ll consider buying used off Y!Auctions or AmazonJP Marketplace to save a few extra dollars since there’s no incentive to purchase new. But if there’s tokuten items included, depending on the store since each store can sometimes have a different item, I’ll actually shop around for the store with the best tokuten item I want. It really depends on the individual person and their likes/wants/needs.

AmazonJP, if purchased from their warehouse and not a marketplace seller, you get free* domestic shipping within Japan. Rejet tends t o have occasional “free shipping” campaigns if you spend over a certain amount though it’s not extremely common. And with StellaWorth you can bundle your items into a monthly shipment to save on shipping, which is a flat rate regardless of how much you spend. But like I said, in my personal case I shop based on tokuten items first and foremost.

* depends on the item, of course